Reflections of a Wandering Mind – By Meghan Robbins



From time to time I like to wander away from the usual fantasy books that I read, and so my ‘travels’ found me browsing through Netgalley looking for something different.

Reflections of a Wandering MInd is a book of poetry – and it’s all about how we feel when we grow up. Sadly when I received this book it was almost impossible to read it in the format it was presented to me in which was kindle. How poetry is presented on a page is very important, and I found it almost impossible to work with. Still, I read it.

Some of the poems were wonderful. They resonated with me and growing up, thoughts and ideas that I had at one time. A lot of moments spent trying to figure ourselves out, figure out where we fit in the world and how our friends influence everything. It felt like there was quite a bit of repetition in subjects between the poems, and some were more like jumbled thoughts running together than poems, but that is often how ‘art’ works. One meaning to the writer, and another to the reader.

I think the book was a great starter, and wonder if the author has written anything more. It was quite a short read, but it didn’t make the words any less powerful.

2/5 stars


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