Lets Play Reading Bingo


Randomhouse.ca is hosting their yearly Reading Bingo challenge and while I found out about it too late last year to participate, I decided that 2014 I would be sure to get involved. They have also added a Young Adult bingo card to the game this year, perfect for teenagers. Of course it’s all just for fun, but it’s a great way to branch out into books that you might not normally give a chance.

Of course reading any book at all is fantastic, but I tend to get a bit bored reading the same genre each month. Some times I’m not exactly feeling creative and this bingo card gives you some great motivation to go out and find something new.

Each time I complete one of the squares on the card I’ll be sure to post about it here. Right now I have started with the bottom left corner – a book your friend loves. That happens to be Moby Dick which I have never read  before but have heard many good things about it from one of my friends. Will I enjoy it as much as him? We’ll just have to see!


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