More Autographed Books


Do you have a favourite site to purchase books from? One of mine happens to be – that’s where I bought the Warcraft book mentioned in my previous post. They have a pretty great selection of discounted autographed books, the only problem being that they are often times sold out even after you have made your purchase, because they only have a small handful of copies to sell. That being said, they’re still a fantastic site and offer some great deals. Just browsing through the list now I see Drama, by John Lithgow in hard cover, signed, for $9. If I hadn’t of already blown my budget for the month, I would probably snatch that up. Their shipping is quite affordable as well.

Of course I couldn’t resist checking out the other deals going on. Indigo (also known as Chapters) had You are Here, in hardcover, signed by Chris Hadfield for $28. A book written by one of our very own Canadian astronauts? Yes please! I also picked up a signed copy of The Rosie Project, which I really enjoyed reading this year.

Then there is my favourite site, The Signed Page. They offer signed books (along with pre-orders of books) mostly of the fantasy / sci-fi genre. I haven’t been able to afford much from their site yet (shipping is quite expensive) but I spend hours browsing through and making a mental list of everything I would love to one day be able to afford which is pretty much everything in their store. Ever.

I love collecting books, but without having my very own library, room is limited. Collecting autographed books on the other hand lets me feel a sense of ‘purpose’ so to speak. I feel less concerned about books taking up room because they’re signed. Silly? Of course it is, but that’s how these hobbies and collections go, hehe. I can’t wait to add more books to my collection.



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