August Book Goals – 2021

How did I manage with those July book goals? Well:

  • I completed reading volume 3&4 of Sunstone
  • I completed reading Rogue Protocol (Murderbot #3)
  • I finished reading The Book of Hedge Druidry: A complete guide for the Solitary Seeker

I actually managed to complete all of my goals for July! I made sure to spend time each night reading before bed, and fit in some reading here and there throughout the day, too, which is no easy feat with a 3 year old and a 5 year old constantly underfoot (side note, I should add the kids books to my reading goals too, we read every night together before bed).

The goal to update my book pledge on the Canadian site I’m a part of completely fell through because they announced that they’re shutting down and moving on to a new project! I was heartbroken to hear that, but I understand. They were running the site in their spare time, and I don’t imagine it was much of a money maker for them. I’ll be interested to see what they come up with next.

My August goals include:

  • Finishing 5&6 of Sunstone
  • Completing Age of Myth
  • Starting a new book
  • Posting at least 5 book related blog posts for the month of August

I think this should be a fairly manageable list to acomplish. I might slack a bit on the blog posts because I tend to be bad about that, but I’m trying to stick to it and make it a positive habit. Age of Myth is a joy to read, aside from the fact that I decided to purchase a physical copy, which means it’s not quite as easy to sneak into bed and read (I tend to use my kindle more than anything else) especially when my 3 year old daughter still has her crib in my room. I feel like this is a good year for reading, and I’m proud that I’ve been making time to enjoy it again. It’s important to me, even if it does end up being just a few pages here and there.

Happy reading!


One thought on “August Book Goals – 2021

  1. Aww no! I’m sorry to hear about the Canadian site, I know how much you loved it. Perhaps there’s a Canadian readers group on Goodreads or Facebook or somesuch?

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