5/5 Stars: The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches, by Sangu Mandanna

This book was exactly as it was described ‘a warm and uplifting novel’ – and I loved every second of it. Mika Moon is an isolated witch, and ends up moving in with three young children and their guardians, one of which is Jamie (the love interest). She has some baggage, but somehow doesn’t let it drag her down. The description of magic and how it works fit into the world very well, and I loved the character development, everyone felt real and brought to life. There were some parts of the book I was less interested in than others (Edward, for example, felt like a bit of a let down) but overall this was a book that I just melted into and I’m so glad I randomly decided to pick it up. A friend had it in their TBR pile and the title immediately jumped out at me. If you’re looking for a warm cozy read in cool fall weather, I highly suggest this one. I also now want to buy multiple cauldrons and start my own potion shop.

5/5 stars


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