Are You Waiting for a Book Release?

I was reading a really neat post over at one of my favorite book review sites, Bibliosanctum, when it dawned on me. I’m actually NOT waiting for any books to release this year. I don’t even know how that happened, normally there is a book or two coming out that I just can’t wait to get my hands on but this year feels a little empty. Have  I fallen out of love with my favorite authors? I don’t think so. Looking over some of the books that are scheduled the only one that even draws my attention is Prince of Fools by Mark Lawrence which isn’t due out until June. Likewise, there’s The Thorn of Emberlain (Gentleman Bastard #4) by one of my favorite authors, Scott Lynch, but we won’t see that one until around November.

There are a few books releasing some time in the future by more of my favorites that I certainly want to read, but most of them have no publication date yet. One of the books I’m most looking forward to would have to be Doors of Stone, by Patrick Rothfuss.

Of course part of this issue I’m experiencing may have to do with the fact that I’ve been reading a lot of classics, and lets face it there’s not a lot of anticipation in releases when the authors have been dead for a number of years. Is there a book or two releasing in 2014 that you’re waiting on with high anticipation? Leave a comment and let me know!


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