Currently Reading

I have more books on my plate at one time than I usually do, and it’s for a few reasons. Number one as I already mentioned earlier this week, I’m trying out audiobooks, and I’ve started with Moby Dick by Herman Melville, so that’s on my ‘currently reading’ list even though technically I’m listening to it.

I also have a few ARCs on my list (advanced review copy) and even though some of the books have already released, I’m still looking forward to reading them and posting a review. Those books include:

17707108  In the Company of Thieves, by Kage Baker.









17239242 Board Stiff, by Piers Anthony (I’m almost done this one, so expect a review up soon).









1885 Then for my own reading pleasure and quiet time I’m reading Pride and Prejudice, which I never read in school for some reason.









After those are cleared from my plate I’ll be moving on to The Sundering book 2, 3, and 4 – all of which are ARCs. Even though the books are part of the same series, they’re written by different authors, and each author incorporates their main character into the story. The first book was The Companions by R.A. Salvatore, which I reviewed here on Nomadic Reader last year.

There are (at the moment) 77 books in my to-read pile and I would love to lower that to a more reasonable number throughout the year. Of course it’s a very GOOD problem to have and I’m not exactly complaining, I just need a lot more hours in the day to dedicate towards reading!


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